Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bella Solids VS Kona Cotton Solids

Ladies, I need your help. I am in the need of several yards of solid background white (ish) - and I am at a loss which fabric to use. Looks like most bloggers talk about the Kona Cotton Solids by Robert Koffman, but I only have experience with Bella Solids by Moda, which have worked beautifully for me in the past.

Which do you guys prefer, and why? Looks like at the Fat Quarter Shop online store they are both $6.99 a yard...Also I am tempted to buy one of those color cards so it is easier to order online. Have any of you used both?

Please let me know, I am at a loss which to purchase.

Also, any preferences on which white to use? Looks like there are lots to choose from on both sides! The fabrics I'm using are teal/red/orange/dark gray, pretty bright colors, so I think any will look good (as long as it's not yellow tinted probably).

Will post soon more projects I've got going on, but until then...

Happy Quilting :-)


  1. No I'm totally useless, I've got some Bella solids but havent sewn/washed them yet.

  2. That's alright. I mean I like the Bella Solids - that is what I ended up ordering - I will eventually use Kona for a quilt. Every day is an adventure :-)

  3. Wanna know a secret? Check out this quilt and try to guess which white I used. I'll wait.


    Was it Bella or Kona? Can't tell? It was neither. When I'm making samples or I don't want to spend huge $$ on cotton, I use...

    Bleached muslin! Cheap and abundant. Excellent for practice, for screwing up and relearning, and still soft and good looking.