About Me

Whether or not you are a believer in astrology, I am [almost] a textbook case of Sagittarius. Born the day after my mother (31 years apart), on November 27th, my birthday falls only four days after the switch from Scorpio - some say this intensifies the traits of a sign. Anyway, Sagittarius are generally independent, philanthropic, nature-loving, generous, and on the move. As relates to my hobbies, let's focus on the 'on the move trait'. While I have always had a desire to travel the world and meet and experience the different cultures, foods, and architecture - this trait has manifested itself in my constant intense obsessions with one hobby after the next. I excel quickly at things I find interest in, but before long my interest tends to wane, grabbing onto the next new and exciting thing. This has led to many strange collections strewn about my house - house plants and other gardening supplies, yarn, trading cards, a keyboard, cook books (and other books of all kinds), movies, pictures (and a $500 camera that isn't used enough), and now, a growing fabric collection.

I live in Colorado with my boyfriend, Zack, and our puppy, a lab mix named Molly.