Saturday, January 28, 2012

Slow Progress

Last weekend I got my new open toe quilting foot, and immediately began (after ten minutes of practice) free motion quilting my disappearing nine-patch quilt.

Arrived earlier than expected!
Took awhile to assemble -- but I got it on and working,
that's what counts!!
Once I had all the right equipment, there was nothing to it! I'd tried (and horribly failed) to quilt with the same all-purpose foot that I'd used for everything -- unless you want a (sort of) straight line with ruffled layers of fabric, I don't suggest this method. I found free motion a little intimidating at first, and although I'm no pro, I did relax into it and it turned out to be a pretty nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Close up!
I didn't really debate about a design, I pretty much just started quilting, and I actually love the design. There are definitely a lot of mistakes, and at one point the tension was a bit off-so I ripped those (not too many) and just sewed over. I really love how it turned out. So I finished quilting Sunday afternoon and attached the binding to the back. Since then every night I've been working on hand binding it while I watch my shows. It took me about a week of that, but it's finally done! Washed and laid on the bed (my first completely complete quilt). Here are some more pictures!

(The binding wasn't finished yet when I took these Saturday morning, it really did take forever!)

The backing up close

Its a square, so most of it is in this one
 I made it from 5" squares, so technically I could have used charm pack squares, but I cut them all from yardage I picked (laboriously) on a somewhat recent trip to Joanne. Not the greatest quality fabric, but I am satisfied for my first big project.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope to see you next time!!

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